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In my early years, two of my greatest teachers were sports and the outdoors. In particular, soccer and whitewater kayaking. Both environments are dynamic, fast-paced, and require a team to be successful. I came to love these types of environments. Through both activities, I learned resilience, humility, leadership, and a concept that accomplishing hard things is fun. My competitive soccer playing days and my appetite for the risks of whitewater kayaking are largely over, but I have turned my attention to entrepreneurship, because building a business offers all of these environmental traits I have come to enjoy.

After graduating from Princeton University with a degree in economics, I started my career at Amazon. I led the oral care category for Amazon, and I worked as hard as I could to get up the learning curve in ecommerce while building strong relationships with the largest oral care brands. I really enjoyed learning this new and rapidly expanding retail channel, and doing so at Amazon was an excellent place for me to start. My second job was at an automotive parts manufacturer where I managed their global ecommerce business. At this company, I was exposed more broadly to new product development, manufacturing, product procurement, and brand building. After five years of professional experience, I decided to pursue my full-time MBA at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

During my time back in school, my dream of building my own business was reinvigorated. I am incredibly energized and excited to find the right business to acquire and lead for many years to come. I hope to use my skillset as a leader to create significant value for the business I acquire, my employees, customers, and the community. 

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I live in Denver, Colorado with my wife Jeana-Rae. I am incredibly grateful to Jeana for being fully supportive of my entrepreneurial interests. While the road is always uncertain, we thrive on solving life's biggest challenges together. 

Our favorite place to be is in the mountains. Hiking in the summers, skiing in winters, and enjoying beer at a brewery after a long day of adventure. 

Additionally, I am a big sports guy. I follow just about every sport out there and enjoy getting out on the soccer field or golf course when my competitive itch needs to be scratched. 

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