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Business Characteristics I am looking for: 

  • Multi-channel product or distribution business (B2C or B2B) with a defendable and sustainable market position. This may include:

    • A differentiated brand with unique customer positioning

    • A proprietary product in a niche market

    • A unique distribution channel or customer set

  • A profitable business with EBITDA between $300K and $1.5M

  • Revenue between $1.5M and $10M

  • History of profitability over at least 5 years

  • Multiple growth opportunities

  • A clear pattern of loyalty and repeat purchases amongst the customer base

  • Channel diversification

Buyer Characteristics you are looking for

  • An empathetic buyer. I understand that selling a business is incredibly emotional for many people including the owner, their family, employees, and customers. I am committed to working with all stakeholders throughout the process to make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • A non-exit oriented buyer. I plan to operate the business myself for the long term and continue to grow what you and your employees have worked so hard to build. 

  • A prepared buyer. I have the financial resources and M&A expertise to get a deal done quickly and efficiently.  

  • A transparent buyer. Throughout the entire deal process, you will work directly with me.

  • A fair buyer. I want to work with you on a set of deal terms that is a win-win for both of us. 

  • A determined buyer:  I am looking for a business to acquire full -time. I don't have other professional distractions. I am committed to getting the right deal done, now. 

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